Home game for Leopard: Flèche du Sud

Last Sunday, Leopard Pro Cycling could not really show themselves at the Rund um Köln. However, there is no time to look back. All eyes are now on an important race for the team: the Flèche du Sud on home soil.

Flèche du Sud (UCI 2.2)
25.05 | Stage 1 | Kayl - Kayl | 73.6 km
26.05 | Stage 2 | Rumelange - Rumelange | 165.7 km
27.05 | Stage 3 | Bourscheid - Bourscheid | 126.7 km
28.05 | Stage 4 | Mondorf - Mondorf | 165.4 km
29.05 | Stage 5 | Esch-sur-Alzette - Esch-sur-Alzette | 140.0 km

Because of obvious reasons, we have been waiting for two years for the 71st edition of the Flèche du Sud. Luckily the race can take place this time around and Leopard Pro Cycling is of course part of it. Twenty-three teams, of which sixteen are UCI Continental ones, have travelled to Kayl for the start of the Flèche du Sud. In a short but challenging stage, the Poteau de Kayl climb (1.1km at 6.5%) will be the main obstacle. It is featured no less than eight times, the exact amount of local laps that are presented to the riders. Rumelange, a town three kilometers south from Kayl, will host stage two and the organization came up with a rather tricky final with a circuit that has the Langengrund climb (2.3km at 4.3%) in it. Since the riders will take on this obstacle four times, expect the strongest riders to be in for the victory.

On day three, the pack leaves the south of Luxembourg and heads towards the more hilly North. In a stage that has both the start- and finishline in Bourscheid, many altitude meters - because of longer climbs - are on the menu. Main feature of stage three is the Côte de Bourscheid (3.5km at 7.3%), that will be ridden five times. The GC battle will be in full swing here, but in stages four and five there is still time to recover from any disadvantages. Both days offer again undulating roads as one can expect in Luxembourg. With the finish lines situated after a downhill on both stages, possibily not the strongest, but the smartest riders will be fighting for the victory there.

Who are riding?
Arthur Kluckers (LUX), Elias Maris (BEL), Jarno Mobach (NED), Cedric Pries (LUX), Tim Torn Teutenberg (GER) and Justin Wolf (GER) - DS: Markus Zingen (GER)

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